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Hanoi Digital Technology Development Company (HADITECH Co., Ltd.) is a private enterprise doing business in the following ranges:
Trading, exporting and importing directly High-tech Medical Equipments.
Transferring technologies and scientific services in the range of medical equipment.
Transferring technologies and scientific services, especially in the range of informatics, telecommunication, office and environmental equipments, etc.
Trading, exporting and importing computing, automatic telecommunication equipments, etc.
In medical range:
•    Haditech attach a very special importance to developing the business of medical equipments and services, especially high-tech ones such as MRI, CT scanner, Angiographic system, Digital X-ray, multidirectional ultrasound, etc. Moreover, we also promote other items such as Pulmonary system, Anesthesia system, Nursecall system, etc.
•    Furthermore, Haditech is also highly appreciated because the medical equipments supplied by our company are not limited to any producers or groups, and at the same time, Haditech is the official partner of many world leading producers in the field of medical equipments such as Siemens, GE , Kodak, Agfa, MM, Zettler, Heyer, etc. For these reasons, Haditech is always capable of providing the customers the best products with the most competitive service and price. Besides, Haditech also supply the special training programs to customers, including technical training, use guide, and even professional training in Image Diagnostics thank to a long term development with Image Diagnostics Center 178 Thai Ha (Hanoi), now one of the most well-known and modern centers over the country.
•    Haditech always understands that the gratification of the customers is the future of the company, so since the first day we have established an experienced staff of doctors, engineers, technicians, collaborators who are trained by the famous groups of medical equipments, and even trained for years in Europeance countries. As a result, we have strong belief to commit with the customers on the quality of our products and services, both  beforesale and aftersale.

IT range:
•    Hardware: HADITECH is the official partner of Intel, Cisco, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, HP, etc, developing new equipments and technologies, design and install network, service and repair equipments.
•    Software: HADITECH is the official partner of Microsoft, Oracle, etc, exploiting the application softwares, design and deploy the specialized software meeting the domestic demands.
•    Service of network and computer: design and install network, service and repair components, and integrate systems.
•    Furthermore, promoting consumer electronics and environmental products is also a strong point of the company. Currently, we are the exclusive distributor of several famous branch names in Vietnam, such as:
* TycoFire, Security & Services Pte., Ltd (supplying fire detection system, security supervisor, etc);
* BIRD- X, INC./ INDUS- TOOL, INC (supplying pest repeller,environment protector, etc)