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“ I can select from a wide range of scan protocols that perfectly meet my clinical needs. The pre-installed scan protocols enable short examination times and provide excellent image quality at very low radiation exposure levels.”
Hans Arenader, MD, Head of imaging Center Arenander, Warburg, Germany

Yesterday’s wish is now reality at Siemens – The Somatom Spirit is a multislice CT scanner offordable for all who just dreamed about it.
Siemens is a network encompassing well over 400,000 employees in 190 countries. Siemens Medical Solutions has been a leader in CT innovations for more than 30 years and continually introduces innovative CT products for the daily clinical routine. We take pride in possessing in-depth knowledge of constomers’ requirements and needs. The motivation and passion of our employees to exchange ideas with colleagues around the world result in the expertise to create innovative, cost-effective solutions. The Somatom Spirit is the accumulated result of Siemens’ global network of innovation.
SOMATOM Spirit is not only the ideal system to replace outdated scanners or to add an additional CT to an overworked facility. It is also the multislice scanner of choice for an affordable, easy entry into the fascinating world of CT. With its specifications, the SOMATOM  Spirit is the perfect multislice CT for day-to-day examinations. It is also ideally suited gor outlying satellite clinics utilizing teleradiology as well as medical fields other than radiology, such as ENT and urology practices, dental surgeons and general practitioners. By adding CT to their medical services, virtually any practice or facility can improve the quality of patient care and increase patient volume.
The SOMATOM Spirit is a sub-second, multislice CT Scanner for the day-to-day clinical routine. The system benefits from Siemens’ tremendous CT know-how and our latest developments in multislice CT technology as well as technologies that lead to superb image quality and dose efficiency.
The System I designed to perform CT examinations easier then ever before. The simplified user interface guides the operator. Workflow is automated wherever possible. This intuitive handling and the automation inspires confidence from the beginning. The new, trend-setting design is not only appealing and esthetic, it is also ergonomic. The slim gantry and the wide gantry opening ensure an easy patient access and provide patient comfort. Siemens has the Spirit. Take a choser look at the SOMATOM Spirit.