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-    The first X-ray manufacturer in Korea!
-    The unique manufacturer for the whole system!
-    Imaging with the most advanced Detector technique!
-    Plentiful types!

Titan 2000 series is the entirely digital X-ray system, aiming at the optimization of the diagnostic process in hospitals.
All parts of the system can be easily connected with each other, meeting the users’ different requirements. What you need to do is to require COMED to design an X-ray system and we will offer you and your hospital the best solution.

The system includes:

•    CCD Detector.
•    Digital X-ray work station.
•    X-ray generator.
•    X-ray tubing
•    Control monitor
•    List-form interface.
•    Image processing software.
•    DICOM connection.

X-ray scanning control panel.

-    Patient information and case-record.
-    Standard Detector adjustment.
-    Locating and observing the required area.
-    Display status installation
-    X-ray image display.
-    Automatic parameter selection for patients (APR)

Information processing

-    Patient case –record and registering case-records via HIS/RIS interface.
-    Selecting registered patient list.
-    Input Excel files.


-    Image processing
-    Image display
-    Window sizes, zoom in and zoom out, analyse, cut and paste images
-    Save or delete images