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1-  Address
Haditech has the honor of welcoming our distinguished guests to our clinics at the address:

No. 18, alley 178 Thai Ha Str., Dong Da district, Hanoi, or
No. 16, alley 183 Dang Tien Dong Str., Dong Da district, Hanoi (map site)
Tel.: 04.35373799
Working hours:
From 8 am to 6 pm every day. Open all days per week.
Results can be read in English, French, Germany, and burned CD as required.

Medical Staff:
Our key medical staff consists of leading Professors, Ph.Ds in the field of Image Diagnostics. Furthermore, 100% of our medical and technical staff are trained and educated in France, Switzerland, German and Singapore with high profession.
With our wealth of experience in Image Diagnostics and various pathological cases, our staff at 178 Thai Ha is a reliable address for patients and doctors.

2- Notes
a. Notes for MRI

- Remove all metallic things before entering the cabinet
- Inform the doctor if there are metallic things inside patients, or the following ones:
+ Pacemaker
+ Artificial cardiac valve
+ After-operation parts, such as screw, metallic forceps, etc.
+ Shell fragments
- Do not drink coffee, tea or other alcohols before entering MRI cabinet
- Take along relevant papers, case-record, and other films if any.

b. Notes for CT scanning
- Except emergency case (traffic accidents, cerebral vascular accident), all other cases must fast for 6 hours before scanned.
- For pyelographic and vesica examining cases, the patients must abstain from passing water for 2 hours before scanned.
- For some abdominal imaging, the patients may have to drink fresh water or diluted contrast before scanned (drink at the center, time and quantity is decided by our doctors)
- The patients should take along the relevant papers, case-records, or other films if any.

c. Preparations before Ultrasound scanning
- All abdominal ultrasound cases (except emergency cases) must go without food for 6 hours before scanned.
- All peolographic, and vesica, appendage of uterus and prostate gland examining cases must abstain from passing water.
- The patients should take along relevant papers, case-record, and other films if any.