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Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a medical imaging technique without using ionizing radiations to visualize the internal structure and function of the body. Hydrogen atoms in water in the body are aligned by the machine’s powerful magnetic field; at the same time, they receive and reflect the emitted energy of Radio waves. Then a high-speed computer system will use these signals to construct an image of the body or any imaged parts. That image has a very high accuracy and is valuable in diagnostics before treatment.

178 Thai Ha Image Diagnostics Center now owns two modern MRI machines with open system helping patients to feel comfortable during scanning.

With the simultaneous operation of the two MRI systems, the patients do not have to wait for their turn for a long time and will be attended zealously and kindly.

Advantages of MRI:

•    Unharmfulness
•    Non-intervention
•    No impacts on biological structure
•    Accurate and quick disease detection

MRI assignments:

•    Cranium, cerebral vasculum.
•    Cervical vertebrae and vessel
•    Dorsal vertebrae
•    Paediatrics
•    Lung and thorax
•    Abdomen
•    Muscle – Joint – Bone


Our center now use Emotion Duo 100% new manufactured by Siemens (German).

This scanner is evaluated to have the most present-day advanced technology with CareDose4D program reducing contamination during scanning in order to protect patients.

Emotion Duo with high imaging speed (one paper for two slices), can implement complex imaging techniques.

CT scanning assignments:

•    Cranium
•    Nasal cavity
•    Abdomen
•    Lung and thorax
•    Vertebrae
•    Muscle – Bone – Joint

Special assignments:

•    Aorta
•    Three phase liver
•    Lung high resolution HRCT
•    Urinary system


We now use Voluson Pro 730 100% new manufactured by GE (the US).

Voluson Pro 730 is in the generation of advanced 4D color ultrasonic machine, producing 3D image in real time.
Voluson Pro 730 is equipped 5 multi-frequency detectors (convex detector, linear detector, cardiac detector, vaginal and rectal detector and 4D detector) and high resolution display, producing nice image for accurate diagnostics.

Ultrasonic assignments:

•    General abdomen
•    Liver, Gall, Pancreas, and Armpit
•    Kidney
•    Thyroid gland
•    Maternity
•    Appendage of uterus
•    Prostate gland
•    Joint
•    Soft organs
•    Mamma

Intensive ultrasonic assignments:

•    Heart
•    Genitals, Urinary organ (male – female)
•    Paediatrics (through bone and fontanel)
•    Carotid
•    3D and 4D maternity

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