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An indispensable need for hospitals, clinics, homes for the elderly and nursing homes. Haditech brings you a complete system from German which helps staff and doctors with their work and creates patient confidence, especially at a reasonable price.

Remarkble features

The control unit is connected with the system via LON system (the feature of Medicall 800).
The system is decentralised for the users’ safety and flexibility.
At the manager’s position:
- Call types and categories are freely configurable
- Full duplex speech to bed is available
- Remote diagnostics and configuration can be implemented
- Custom text is available

With ground-breaking innovation, Medicall 800 can present a high-performance system which meets all the requirements of forward-looking healthcare management. 

The manufacturer’s wealth of experience has gone into this Medicall 800. Advanced technology now offers ideal system solution for every type of health care organization. This new system is characterized by its decentralized intelligence, offering the following unique advantages:

1. Total security
2. Unlimited flexibility
3. Unlimited networking capability
4. Substantial economy
5. Seamless high-precision communication at all levels

Medicall 800 Applications:
- Public and Private Hospitals
- Medical Centers
- Homes for the elderly
- Physical Handicappe Premises
- Hospices
- Private Residental Homes, etc.

System Components:
1. Room communication terminals
2. Station display: calls can be indicated on an LCD display or PC workstation monitor.
3. Standard system power supply
4. Corridor display 
5. Over-door lights
6. Other components for connection with external systems such as TV, telephone exchange, printer, dialysis machine, etc.

An user and environment friendly system meets Europeance standards, with modern design.