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Technical Specifications of MULTIX Swing
•    This is a high-frequency X-ray generator for whole-body imaging 
•    High-frequency X-emitter 
•    Main parameters: 100kV, 550 mA
•    Use of cassettes in various sizes with high-sensitivity image intensifier. 
•    Three-phase voltage 380/400 V ± 10% ; 50/60 Hz
1) High Frequency Generator  
•    Capacity:                55kW (max. 550 mA at 100 kW)
•    Operating voltage:            40kV to 133 kV
•    mAs range:             0,5mAs  to  800 mAs       
2) X-ray tube
•    Number of tube focuses:    2
•    Tube focus:        Tóc nhỏ 0,6mm, Tóc lớn 1,2mm
•    Capacity:            30/55 KW
•    Tube voltage:        135kV
•    Anode rotating speed:    150 Hz (9.000 rotations/minute)
•    Anode filter:        equivalent to 2.5 mm Al at 70 kV
•    Anode heat storage:    230 kHU
3) Special functions:
-    Generator is placed right under the table, increasing the convenience and saving the installation space and time.
-    Multi-pulse wave technology creates beams of high quality rays with short imaging time.
-    The table is applied the latest technology “Floating table” – shifting to 4 directions.
-    The tube assembly and the table’s vertical height adjustment design enables vertical, oblique, horizontal and lateral acquisition. The synchronized tube and bucky tray movements ensure constant centering of the radiation beam to the casette.
-    Touch keyboard is applied.
-    Horizontal Cassette tray with the system.